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wordpress pluginsEvery time I have a problem with my website for which I wish there was a simple solution out there, the first thing that comes to my mind is: “I wonder whether there is a WordPress plugin that solves that for me…”.

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tracking clicksWhen you talk to most website developers or online marketers about tracking clicks, they will usually be able to tell you where most of their visitors have come from and how long they have stayed on their website. But, there is a lot more information to know than these basic facts, such as determining just what your visitors were doing when they were actually on your website.

How Can You Begin Tracking Clicks From Visitors?

The most important thing to understand about tracking clicks from your visitors is that it is far more involved than just knowing the number of people who have come to your site each day. Of course you will be interested in where they came from and what pages or posts brought them into your site, but what they actually do once they are on your site is extremely important. For instance, are they navigate multiple pages or are they quickly clicking away?

How Important Is This To Your Success?

One of the primary purposes of tracking clicks in this fashion is to determine if there is some kind of underlying problem on your site that you are not aware of. Many times, website developers only realize that there is an issue with their site once they begin to see a pattern in their visitor statistics. It could be that the design of the site is not showing up properly on a particular kind of browser or that certain links do not function properly.

Another piece of very important information that you will get by studying and tracking visitors clicks is what kind of information catches their eye once they are on your site. You may find that moving certain pieces of information higher up the page provides you with better results, or simply adding a video, graphic, or testimonial creates more sales.

Where Can You Get The Best WordPress Plugin To Do This?

Even though all of this information is available to you, without the right plug-in to manage the data, you could end up spending a lot of time trying to figure out just what is happening. There are now several different types of plug-ins available that can help you to better track what your visitors are doing, but Plugin Dynamo seems to be the leading provider for this kind of plug-in.

One real benefit of working with this company is that you are not just downloading and untested and unverified plug-in that could potentially damage your website, but you are getting a high quality plug-in is guaranteed to be safe and to work for you.

What Do People Say About Plugin Dynamo?

It is pretty clear when you read the reviews for Plugin Dynamo that this company has a very good reputation online for providing high-quality plug-ins and extremely good customers support. In addition to their plug-in that helps with tracking visitors clicks, they have also created numerous plug-ins that will add a new level of efficiency to your WordPress blogs.

In particular, their Click Heat Dynamo plug-in is extremely popular among those who want to know just what their visitors are doing on their site. This plug-in provides you with a detailed map overlay of every click that occurs on your site, showing you precisely where people have their mouse. This is amazing information and can help guide you as to what graphics and links really work.

Is This The Best Product For You To Use On Your Website?

Many web developers are unsure as to just what their visitors are doing once they have made it to the website and failure to knowing this information can be expensive. By being able to begin tracking clicks on a graphic basis, you will have precise picture of just what items on the page are catching your visitors eye, and that will enable you to make better decisions.

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WordPress Websites: The Importance of Split Testing

Split TestingOne of the great things about the Internet is that it is very easy to make changes quickly, particularly when you notice a trend that may benefit you. However, some individuals and companies never properly test their websites which really leaves them guessing as to what their customers are looking for. The process of continually testing an entire website, a page, or post is known as split testing in the online marketing world and can provide you with an enormous amount of information.

How Are You Testing Your Website?

Assuming that you are trying to make money from your website, then you should ask yourself just what type of testing you are currently doing. If all you are doing is looking through your visitor comments, then you are missing a lot of valuable information. Your visitor logs alone are full of data that can help guide you into making better decisions with your content, the products you offer, and the type of marketing that you do.

Without split testing, you will not have a scientifically-based way of determining just what works and what does not work. People who are serious about this kind of testing will make small changes to fonts, headlines, photographs, or content just to see how these changes increase conversion or click through rates.

Is Split Testing Really Necessary?

If you are happy with the amount of money that you are currently making from your site, then split testing may not be worth the effort. However, most people would like to get a little more out of what they are doing, and a high-quality split testing program will give you an extremely quick feedback on how the changes you are making are affecting the overall performance of your site.

The real key is to find a program that will help you to do this kind of testing while also providing you with great and accurate results that you can depend on.

What Kind Of Plug-In Can Help You Do This?

There really are not a lot of options when it comes to automating split testing of websites, pages, or posts. Some people have developed long-winded ways of doing this, but Plugin Dynamo seems to have made it a lot easier. They have created the Split Test Dynamo, which automates the entire process without slowing down your site at all.

Split Test Dynamo is considered to be the leading split testing plug-in of its kind and can be used on any page or post within your WordPress site just by clicking a button. You do not need to load up any third party software, and you will see the results of your split testing immediately.

What Do People Say About The Plugin Dynamo?

Since the Split Test Dynamo is just one of many essential plug-ins that Plugin Dynamo provides, you will be guaranteed the best technical support and customer service with your purchase. You can buy the split test plug-in on its own, or you can buy an unlimited package of plug-ins from this company that will help to streamline your online business and make you more productive.

All of these plug-ins, the 60 day money back guarantee, and the unlimited package comes with a developer’s license as well as the ability to use the plug-ins on all of your sites.

Is This The Best Tool For Split Testing?

If you are going to invest the time and energy into doing split testing, then not only do you want a scientific way of doing it, but an easy way, too. With the Split Test Dynamo, you will see immediate results after making changes to your page or post, which will then help to guide your future actions. Whether you have been trying to make a profit online for years, or you are new to online marketing, split testing is essential.

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Plugin Dynamo: How can it help you?

Plugin DynamoIf you are one of the many millions of people trying to make a living online these days using a WordPress blog, then you know that finding the right plugins to meet your needs can often be very time-consuming. You will usually need to depend on a variety of plugins, both free and paid, many of which failed to work every time WordPress updates their software. With a program like Plugin Dynamo, many of your plugin problems will finally be solved.

What Is Plugin Dynamo?

Plugin Dynamo is a company that has developed a variety of WordPress plugins to meet the needs of many bloggers. Some of these plugins are focused on maximizing your revenue through Amazon, Clickbank, and AdSense, while others help to make blogging easier, quicker, or more reliable. Whether you are a casual blogger or you run a network of affiliate marketing websites, Plugin Dynamo can provide you with better results overall.

How Does This Program Work?

The first thing you will notice when you go to the Plugin Dynamo website is that this company offers a variety of plug-ins instead of just one or two like you would find with other companies. These include AdZonse Ads, Freshinator 3000, Support Dynamo, Buzz Burner, Click Heat Dynamo, and more.

All of these buttons have been thoroughly tested on the latest version of WordPress and are continually being updated at all times. One added benefit of using this is that there is currently a Dynamo unlimited package that will give you unlimited site usage of the plugins as well is a developer’s license. When compared to other plugins that you may have purchased, this is a much better deal and obviously one that comes with full customer support.

What Are People Saying About Plugin Dynamo?

The reviews for the plugins available at Plugin Dynamo all point to the fact that this company provides a very high level of customer support, even for those people who are new to WordPress blogging.

“This has completely changed the way I test my sites. It is made everything more streamlined and a lot more reliable.”

–          Carl, WA (testimony from company website)


“I signed up for Plugin Dynamo after trying one of their plug-ins, but now I have them all installed on my sites.”

–          Jack, MI (testimony from company website)

One of the primary concerns of any blogger is the amount of time that it takes to set up sites and maintain them, and all of the plugins available from this company help to save you time and make your site more reliable.

“Plugin Dynamo has made installation really easy and I can now set up new sites in a matter of minutes.”

–          Diana, FL (testimony from company website)

Where Can You Buy This Product?

When you go to the Plugin Dynamo website, you will see that they now provide a variety of plugins for all types of businesses, and that you can purchase them either one at a time or is a bundle. There is an unlimited bundle that will allow you for access to all of the plugins across your sites which is very helpful for people who are running multiple WordPress blogs.

All of the plugins that Plugin Dynamo provides come with a 60 day money back guarantee, with no questions asked, and you will also get live customer support to help you every step of the way.

Is Plugin Dynamo Right for You?

Rather than investing your time and money in plugins from other companies or individuals that do not guarantee them, using Plugin Dynamo simply makes a lot more sense. Not only will you be protected against downloading potentially dangerous plugins that could destroy your site, but you will get the kind of technical support they normally would not get from a plugin developer.

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content management systemWhat is a Content Management System?

Before you can decide whether or not WordPress is a Content Management System you have to know what that really entails. A CMS in not merely a repository for information but it may be. They can range from systems with a few basic features to hosts with complex functions. Often they are used to run blogging sites or e-shops. These are flexible characteristics.

The concrete definition is a computer program that provides the ability to publish, edit, and maintain a website from one central interface. WordPress allows you to do this through a blog or a website. With the broad array of features they offer to help make your site dynamic, they fall under the second category of CMS.

WordPress is a powerful PHP platform utilized by many professionals. Like most Content Management systems, WordPress starts you off with the basics and gives you the tools and support to build up from there. Your content is your own. It can be as creative or fundamental as you would like it to be.

Publishing on WordPress

The first requirement of a Content Management System is the ability to publish content. WordPress offers formats for blogs and websites with the option of switching back and forth at any point. This service is free with a WordPress domain name, and only eighteen dollars for an original .com domain name.

The content you publish is yours. Whether it is a portfolio of photos or a dozen pages of your novel in progress, your work remains your work. You can choose to make fresh content for your WordPress project or you may import the content of your previous website or blog.

You can create your website the way that you have envisioned it. WordPress provides you with as many pages as you want to add. A headline with a parent pages navigation menu is provided at your discretion. You can nest pages beneath other pages to create sub menus of more specific information. The navigation menu itself is customizable. You can include drop down menus or links to other sites and pages. Publishing is the start of your process and as far as features go, it truly is just the beginning.

Editing Your Content

Once you have the foundation laid for your site you can tweak it to your specifications. Content Management Systems must provide a way for you to edit at any point in your process. It must also be on the same interface as the publishing portion. When you log onto WordPress as an administrator you view your website differently than a regular visitor would. Your version includes prompts and links to customize any and all features of your page. You can also add more features any time you want.

WordPress provides many theme templates for your website. If you are not satisfied with any of them you can make adjustments with the editing tools until your theme reflects the ideas within your site. Saving a style does not mean that you have to stick with it either. For as long as you have a website or blog with WordPress, you can change the way it looks.

Another way to personalize your web page is by adding widgets. Widgets are small applications with simple functions that work within your site. Some of the ones that WordPress is compatible with include “Search,” “Delicious,” and “Calendar.” “Search” allows your viewers to find content based on a keyword or phrase. “Delicious” is an app that will list your favorite bookmarks of other sites and “Calendar” enables you to list your posts according to the date you created them.

The WordPress Support System

It is important for a Content Management System to include instruction on how to maintain your site within the system’s structure. This instruction is delivered in various ways. Some CMS’s take you step by step from publication to editing. Others, like WordPress, provide videos and articles so you can get the help you need and not get bogged down by information you already know.

The support center on WordPress includes a checklist to get you started. It has eleven other tutorial pages with topics like Get Flashy, Get Connected, and Get Mobile. Each one delves into the specifics of starting and expanding the many dynamics of your website or blog. Get Flashy explains how you can embed videos, audio, and pictures on your page using a gallery, a slideshow, or independent placements. Get Mobile informs those who did not already know that your WordPress account can be modified through an iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry.

If you need more personal assistance, WordPress provides chat time with Happiness Engineers. WordPress has servers over many data centers so help is always available and fast.

Is it Working?

Obviously for any website or blog to be successful, it needs to be viewed. It needs to be popular. While marketing is not the responsibility of the Content Managing System, they can provide ways for you to boost the visibility of your site. WordPress also collects the data pertaining to your pages and delivers it to you in easy to analyse charts.

Your WordPress website can include links to other social networking sites, like Facebook and Pinterest. This means that with one click, viewers can tag a thumbnail or photo from your content and put it on their own profiles. Their friends, family, and fans can click on those thumbnails and photos and be linked right back to your website. A cycle of exposure is born.

To see how you are doing, you can check out the data WordPress collects for you. They provide charts and stats that can tell you which of your pages has been viewed the most. They also tell you how many times each link on your website has been clicked on. With this information you can manage your content to correlate with your traffic. WordPress as a Content Management System provides all the tools you need to make a successful site.

To make your WordPress even more powerful as a CMS, it is crucial that you install a few plugins to begin with, preparing your website for safety, monetization, or simply a hub for your ideas. Many people seem to have been using Plugin Dynamo as a solution package for the most important plugins that are necessary for your WordPress website to become a real Content Management System.


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what are wordpress pluginsWordPress plugins are snippets of code or a script that can make your WordPress site work better. They extend the functionality of the WordPress software and many are tailored to the specific needs of users. It can enhance a blog by providing easier modification features allowing a user to have more control over their site. By using the best WordPress plugins on a self-hosted blog, you have complete control of the content and can monetize it to your liking.

Choosing A WordPress Platform

To be able to install and use these top WordPress plugins on your site, it must be self-hosted on a paid hosting service like hostgator, bluehost, dreamhost, or other. Custom plugins will not work on the your theme if the blog is hosted at WordPress.com

For the custom plugins to work fully and install properly, you will need to download the latest version of the WordPress software from WordPress.org and install it on your site. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a paid hosting provider and these web hosts will have one-click installation for WordPress. Once you have WordPress self-hosted you can use any theme you desire and start getting the plugins you will use. The right combination of plugins with WordPress can turn your blog into a powerful tool for your online business.

Some great functions that you can benefit from by using the best WordPress plugins are:

  • Settings and configuration – Many people that try installing WordPress take an average of 2-3 hours to configure the settings to make it SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. The best solution is using a plugin that can completely configure and optimize all of your settings for you. With just one click your settings for privacy, writing, discussion, media, permalinks and more can be totally configured and your site optimized for best performance.
  • A/B split testing – Avoid the hassles and time consuming efforts of creating split tests on your pages. With simple add or edit options you can get ready to see an increase in conversions and turn a losing campaign into a winner. You can view detailed reports and are able to test anything and everything on your site. You can even get feedback on how changes you have made can affect the overall performance of your site.
  • Content grabber – Quickly and easily search for keyword rich SEO friendly content from various sources on the internet and drag and drop to add to your site. Simply choose your niche or topic and this plugin goes to work for you. You will no longer have to spend hours searching the web for quality content. The content grabbing plugin can find articles, videos, images and more from sources like YouTube, Vimeo, Google news search, Flickr images and others. It is a perfect solution to find and curate content and share valuable information with your visitors.
  • Heat map – Increase the click through rate on your site. Know what visitors like on your site the most and what they don’t. This plugin will allow you to get detailed reports that show what visitors to your site click on the most, where they spend the most time on your site and what area they seem to ignore. With this important data you can then optimize your site based on their behaviour and improve the user experience of your website. It is a cost-effective solution and no code is required but an easy install of the plugin.
  • Auto blogging – The bad thing about most auto blogging plugins is that after the content runs through translation and a spinner, it usually produces garbled nonsense. Making the content of a site unreadable and useless and these sites get killed by Google. When you need fresh relevant and engaging content you need an auto blogging plugin that can generate unique content that visitors will enjoy reading. Get a plugin that will take your auto blogging to the next level and help your posts stand out. With a quality plugin you can auto curate and populate content and get started on building a publishing empire.
  • Support and ticket system – When picking from top WordPress plugins for your site, get one that will allow you to provide superior customer support. Manage their support questions easier and quicker. If customers seem to ask the same ones over and over, you can create a knowledge base article from a support ticket. With a single click you can create a searchable knowledge base that can answer the most common customer questions. They can easily open and reply to support tickets all through email and there is no need for third party software.
  • Keep your posts fresh – Most of the functions mentioned are some of what the best WordPress plugins can provide you with. Now how about a plugin that keeps even your older posts fresh with newer more relevant content added to them? An awesome plugin that gives your visitors fresh and updated content also let’s Google see the content as recent and more relevant. This can help keep your site ranking well in the search engines too.

Choosing The Best WordPress Plugins

If you want to extend the usability of your WordPress site and practically make it do anything you want, then you need to choose premium top WordPress plugins. These plugins can transform your site into a powerful system that will grow your online business faster and help you solve complex problems easier. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by, just try it and see for yourself how much better, faster and smarter your WordPress site will perform.

Do you want to take your website/blog to the next level? Many people have taken advantage of the service provided by Plugin Dynamo. This company has put together a number of plugins that will help you making the most of your website. Some of these plugins will help increase your website conversion; others will simply make it look better and SEO friendly.

If you need a “boost” for your website and don’t want to search all over the internet for different solutions, this line of products might well be your best option.


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WordPress Themes: A Bigger Step Than You Thought

wordpress themesToo many people think their theme is just one step to creating their blogs or website. In reality it is one of the most important decisions you will make in regards to your blog, and it is one of the biggest factors in whether or not people look at your content. From color coordination to how your modules are placed, everything is a factor. You must make many decisions and it will seem like this process takes forever, but in the long term it will run better, look better and you will be happier with it.

Thousands of options are available, but finding the right one can be tricky. Choosing from free WordPress themes, paid, pre-built and custom can be a nerve wracking process. It is important to decide exactly what you want and how much you want to spend. This should include plugin’s, ads, and management of your blog/website. The first thing you may want to consider is your budget. It can become quite pricy though there are many options that help you bundle everything together and actually make it cheaper in the long run. Services such as Plugin Dynamo are economical and serve as a one stop shop for users that would use one off various WordPress themes. These services allow for customization that make it fit your theme and may also provide customer support if you don’t wish to deal with the WordPress customer support department. If you choose to go with free options, the best place is the WordPress free theme builder, as this is already integrated and is already there when you go to decide on your theme. These are usually very basic, but still allow you to do a lot of customizing and adding of your own items/plugins.

Hints When Installing WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are one of the first things that a person notices. If the colours do not go together, then most people will assume you do not care about everything else that you have actually worked very hard on. Make sure to consult a colour wheel or ask a friend. Choose several colours as everything will evolve around this, and anything that doesn’t match will be sorely out of place. Placement is also very important; finding something unique yet easy to read is hard and this is the main reason many people go with a generic theme. If your information is hard to read or find, then many people will simply click away and go to another source. You may want to visit other blogs that inspire you or give you the idea to right the blog. Make sure to look at the colour scheme, layout, plugins and maybe look to see if it was made by a certain company or designer, if you are looking to take a professional approach. Researching exactly what you want and need is a big step, and finding reputable articles can be hard. “How to Choose a Blog Theme” is a good place to start your search.

Plugins can be almost anything and serve to help you and your visitors. There are many different types of plugins, from news sources to trackers, to help you see exactly what is being read and clicked on within your site. Plugins can be a bit complicated though understanding them only takes a small amount of time. There are many videos out there for installing and add them, but if you are using a service they will most likely explain it in details and help you install whatever you choose. If you are using free ones then this video may be helpful:

Putting Things Together

After you have chosen your colours, layout and plugins, come finally putting the entire blog together. You may decide to pay someone, or maybe you want to be crafty and creative, and decide yourself where to put the final touches. This is mainly when you physically place your articles, links, pictures and plugins. Placing them in exactly the right spot is extremely important as you want to have enough room for all your content, as well as room for any ads you will have without leaving too much free room that will make your page look empty and sloppily done.

Congratulations! You are finally done and are officially a blog/website owner. You can now sit back, relax and watch the people visit. Now, all you have to do is to maintain and keep up your page. This will be easier if a large amount of the work is done by plugins, and you can also use plugins to just help suggest what would go well on your page. Any of the pages listed in this article are wonderful resources and have amazing information for you to read and explore. Are there any plugins that you wish someone had been there to tell you about? We want to hear from you about how you made your decisions and created your page.

Many people who were once undecided with regards to which plugins they should install, so that they would get the best match with their website themes without compromising its overall quality, have chosen the services provide by Plugin Dynamo. This company has been in the market for a number of years now, and is specialized in designing plugins that take any website or blog to the next level.


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seo pluginsFor people just learning about SEO (search engine optimization), it can be a daunting concept to learn, and more website owners are becoming aware of the importance of SEO no matter how small or how big their website is. Because of this trend, software developers are making SEO more accessible to the average person. Development platforms like WordPress have become extremely popular in recent years, and these programs are consistently improving to help make websites as SEO-friendly as possible. As for WordPress, there are many SEO plugins now available to help website owners improve the performance of their WordPress site in the search engines.

A Little WordPress History

Looking back about 10 years, WordPress was originally designed simply as a blog script. Its original intent was to provide an easy-to-use interface that worked similar to MS Word so that non-technical website owners could easily add blog posts and enhance the content of their site. Being open-source, programmers and developers could create their own functionality and improve the usefulness of WordPress. The creators of WordPress were open to these ideas and started providing theme and plugin functionality that made it easy for users to customize the design and add new functions. The present day version of WordPress has blossomed into a full-on content management system (CMS), and there are literally thousands of themes and plugins available for free to improve and enhance one’s website.

As SEO has become significantly important to many more users, WordPress developers, who produce the core version of WordPress, have implemented many functions into the default version. Now, any basic WordPress site can be quite SEO-friendly right ‘out of the box’. However, SEO is an evolving science and experiences a lot of change. Google and other search engines sometimes change their methods for ranking sites; therefore, website owners and search engine optimization experts must change as well. This dynamic nature of SEO has led to the development of several powerful SEO plugins available for download.

About Plugins

Plugins are well known to folks that have been using WordPress for any significant length of time. Nevertheless, for those new to WordPress, a little more information may be required. A plugin is a secondary script that changes the functionality of WordPress without modifying its core code. Most plugins add new functionality or modify existing features, while some may restrict certain functions for a specific reason. Over time, some plugins become so popular and are so pleasing to the WordPress core developers that they become a core function. The custom menus function, for instance, is an example of a plugin concept developed into a core function allowing for the easy creation of customized navigation menus.

There are literally thousands of plugins available, and WordPress’ most recent updates have made installing them a breeze. Some are trivial and only add novelty to the site, while others add essential functionality for today’s competitive Internet.

SEO Plugins

This brings us back to SEO. With so much to be concerned with making one’s site more attractive to search engines, having functionality that handles many of the most important SEO tasks is crucial. Some many wonder what exactly a plugin can do to improve SEO. Let us examine some of the most common features of any good SEO plugin.

Modifying Title Tags And Meta Tags

The title tag may be the most significant part of any webpage with regard to SEO. Not only is this the headline that is seen by people in the search results, but Google and other major search engines use the words found in the page’s title tag to evaluate what the page is about. The ease in which to modify each page title tag is SEO-critical.

After the title tag, the meta-description tag may be the second most important text on any webpage. The description tag is embedded in the HEAD section of the HTML document and does not appear on the page displayed in the browser. However, the language contained in this tag appears as the block of text under the title in the search results. Being able to edit this easily is also essential.

Auto Tag And Canonical Tags

The aforementioned title and description tags are clearly essential, but what if the website in question is very large with hundreds or even thousands of pages? A good plugin will have an auto-generator feature that creates the title and description tags automatically based on the content of the page. Alternatively, the editor can modify some or all of the tags manually. Having both capabilities is vitally important.

The canonical link tag is often misunderstood, and using it effectively can be tricky. A good plugin for SEO will have a way of automating the canonical tag for each page to effectively designate the original source page and avoid duplicate content problems.

404 Warning Log

A 404 error means that a page cannot be found, so having an effective tool to monitor which pages are generating a 404 error can help a website owner eliminate bad links. Additionally, it can identify outside sources that have invalid links pointing to the website. Keeping all links, internal and external, as clean and correct as possible is an absolute must when doing SEO.

Easy To Use

While many SEO plugins have more features, having a clean and easy to use interface is critical to the user’s success. Overly complicated settings and hard to understand features can make the experience less than satisfying, whereas an efficient and intuitive layout will go a long way to successfully mastering the plugin.

A Final Thought

WordPress is the clear leader in open-source content management now and for a long time to come. Its on-going development and dependable updates have made it a good choice for building SEO-friendly websites. The availability of various indispensable plugins makes it a very powerful tool indeed. A smart website owner needs to control and enhance all aspects of SEO to take full advantage of the power of WordPress, and adding well-developed SEO plugins will help give non-professional and professional webmasters a clear and measurable advantage.

For this reason, a website called Plugin Dynamo has become extreme popular in the last few years. The developers have created a series of plugins with the above functionalities in mind. The advantage of using the services provided by Plugin dynamo are plenty, starting with the fact that you only deal with one company with regards to your WordPress plugins, and also considering that you will always have a “front-seat” access to the last upgraded versions of the most important plugins for your website.


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Expand Your Earnings With WordPress Plugins

expand your earningsBlogging is a unique niche, and profession. The people who undertake this type of work do not begin by seeking money and fame. You will not expand your earnings from one day to another.  The majority of bloggers begin because they have a story to tell; something they believe can help others in their daily lives. Blogging usually starts as more of a hobby than an actual job. Those who are successful and take it to the next level do so for a multitude of reasons. Of course solid and readable posts combined with public interest are key; however, it is the tools they use that many readers do not notice that help the most.

The Usefulness Of WordPress Plugins

Plugins, if used properly, can have a huge impact on your earnings. Sure, in the beginning earnings are not as important as views; just remember views and earnings are linked. A blog cannot earn money without an audience and vice versa. When a blog is initially started through WordPress, it is automatically given seven useful plugins. The use of these plugins varies from the fun to the useful. On the fun side, for example, there is one plugin that does nothing more than put song lyrics on all admin screens.

If applied, the plugins given by WordPress can prevent spam comments, optimize your blog rankings in search engines, and help with advertising. Though the prevention of spam being posted in the comments does not seem like it has any effects on earnings, it has a lot more impact than many are aware of. Spam in your comments runs readers off. The readers that want to participate in the conversation give up. Who wants their comments lost in a sea of spam? Furthermore, it saves the author time. Instead of spending all of the author’s time removing and sifting through endless spam, this plugin allow him to write.

Do You Need Other Plugins To Expand Your Earnings?

The plugins given by WordPress are a great way to start, but they are not necessarily all you need. A simple internet search reveals thousands of additional plugins. Many of the sites that offer additional plugins for WordPress offer both free and premium plugins. Many times the free ones are quite useful; generally, of course, the premium plugins (which do require purchase) have a greater impact on earnings. Such plugins are designed to bolster the effectiveness of advertising on your blog.

Monetizing Your Website To Expand Your Earnings

By far the most popular advertising affiliate program is Amazon. When considering online shopping, it is often the first name that comes to mind. Thus, the vast majority of bloggers’ first affiliate programs is Amazon. Placing the ads properly is obviously key when it comes to blogging; however, monetizing your website does not end with ad placement. When ad optimizing plugins are applied, your ads take on new life. These plugins bolster the pop in your ads and draw more readers to them, which increases the chance of them spending and you, earning.

For the more experienced blogger Google AdSense is a wonderful tool. This advertising affiliate creates reader specific ads. They do this by finding what each reader has recently searched and shopped for. It then creates advertisements tailored to that reader’s interests. This is obviously a much more effective tool than merely placing ads from random affiliates in your content and hoping you hit the mark with readers.

The downside to using this method of advertising is simple: it takes time for the search to load off these reader specific ads. Let’s assume that this is a first time reader to your site. More than likely he/she is quickly skimming and clicking through your content. It is possible that this reader does not see a single Google AdSense ad because he is on the next page before the ad has had time to load. With the correct plugin, the research and load time are diminished greatly, allowing quicker loads and faster access to reader background. A reader specific ad that gets to the reader is far more effective and prosperous than one that is never seen.

Why Should I Bother With Plugins?

No plugins will enhance your content. The posts written by each blogger still have to be interesting, readable, and accurate. What the plugins do is maximize the efficiency of your advertising and the site itself. Quicker load times, better ad placement, no spam, and higher search engine rankings all increase traffic and sales. This allows the author to relax and concentrate on their article, post, and content. With the correct use of plugins, you do not have to create Pulitzer Prize winning pieces with every post. The key is to make your site work for you. Blogging is a fun way to make money, and a great job opportunity; it will never be productive if you are not using the tools available to you.

One of the most popular premium plugin packages available was developed by Plugin Dynamo. This company has an impressive portfolio of plugins with multiple purposes, such as: helping with your content, optimizing your website for the search engines, increasing your website conversion, and others.

Reviews for Plugin Dynamo plugins show that customers are keen on their products, and happy with price and customer support. Plugin Dynamo is a traditional company in the market, and has a reputation that precedes their actions. In other words, it provides reliable products and service.


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the most of wordpressOut of the box, WordPress is an incredible tool, and best of all it’s free. It comes pretty well equipped to build a basic website. You could waste days sorting through themes. Free themes have someone’s advertising in the footer, and removing it might prove impossible. Premium themes are expensive, and many are a nightmare to work with. Why waste resources when you can do a lot with what you already have and make the most of WordPress for your website?

There are two parts to WordPress; the core, and the pretty stuff that sits on top known as a theme. When your new site is freshly installed the home page is pretty bland, but you’ve got lots of options here that are just begging for you to discover them. WordPress constantly updates, and with over a quarter of the internet running WordPress these days, they’ve done a lot to put more control in the average user’s hands.

An Insider’s Look At WordPress

So, let’s take a look around your admin areas. If you’ve never worked with WordPress before, that dashboard and all the stuff it leads to is foreign and confusing. It’s a lot easier to understand as you go along.

Before you worry about jazzing up the way your site looks, consider the structure you want on this website. Will there be just blog posts? Chances are you want more than just posts, and will want some static pages too. Static pages are web pages that are not connected to the blog loop. Business WordPress users who have pages like About and Services, as well as a blog on their site, are using both static pages, and the blog loop. You’d be surprised how many websites with no blog run on WordPress.

Making the Most of WordPress: Creating A WordPress Static Page

How do you create a static page? In the middle of the row of buttons on the left side of your dashboard is one labelled Pages. Hover your mouse over it, and select Add New from the list that appears. The page builder form opens up. When you don’t want blog posts to appear on the home page of your site, you need a new page named, “Home.” Publish the page. Create a second new page named, “Blog.”

Now look at that menu list of buttons on the left. At the bottom you’ll find one labelled Settings. Hover over it, and click the Reading option. By default WordPress displays your recent posts on the home page. At the top of this Reading Settings page you find two radio buttons under the heading, “Front page displays.” Select the one that says Static Page, and then highlight your newly created Home from the drop down list. Next highlight your new Blog page to display your posts in the next drop down. Save your changes with the button at the bottom of the page.

Now your live site shows Home on Home, posts on Blog, but there is now a Sample Page link on the website menu! Go back to your admin, and click the main Pages button. Hover on Sample Page in the list, and select the Trash link under the title. Rearrange the links in your website navigation bar under Appearance option Menus in your admin using drag and drop so they appear in the right order.

The video below illustrates quite nicely the steps above described:

And What About WordPress Themes?

The latest version of WordPress comes with two themes; Twenty Twelve, and Twenty Thirteen. The newest theme design, Twenty Thirteen is responsive, which means it will automatically resize itself to fit any device’s screen. There is no sidebar on this theme, and limited customization without custom coding. With this theme a sidebar will mess up its responsive layout. Twenty Twelve gives you both a sidebar, and more freedom to customize your site design, but it doesn’t automatically reshape itself to fit mobile device screens. Consider your audience and your site’s focus before deciding which theme best suits your purposes. Twenty Thirteen is very up-to-date and beautiful. Twenty Twelve may look a bit dated, but you can make it more attractive pretty easily.

Making the Most of WordPress: Keeping A Blog Routine

After you’ve got your site design looking like you want it, and have all those wonderful free JetPack tools in place it’s time to turn your attention to publishing content. You won’t have readers if you don’t have a bunch of posts offering great information to attract an audience. More importantly, you must have a schedule for publishing and follow it. Why?

People like regularity. Don’t start publishing new content every day, and then suddenly readers have nothing new for a couple weeks. You’ll lose your audience. Worse still, Google will decide that you’re not serious about your site, and your search rank will drop.

Take your site seriously, or no one else will. Going out on vacation? The holidays are just too crazy? Plan ahead. WordPress lets you schedule posts to publish automatically in advance. Play it safe, and always be several posts ahead of yourself. That way it won’t matter if the electricity goes out, you get sick or the dog chews up your computer wires. It gives you a few days’ grace period.

Do I Need To Have Plugins Installed In My Website?

No matter which of these themes you choose, increasing your site functionality and interaction with readers will still be lacking without taking advantage of your plugins. Basic WordPress shows only three plugins installed, but this is misleading. Akismet is not a free service, and Hello Dolly has nothing to do with site or audience functionalities. However, JetPack has tons of things you’ll want to take advantage of, and most of them are free. Click the Settings link under JetPack in your plugins list, and you’ll be amazed at what it has to offer.

Once you’ve created an account on WordPress.com, you’ll be able to create flashy full-screen slide shows, Tumbler style image galleries, track your site traffic, manage subscriptions, instantly share posts on social channels, and a host of other things – including publishing perfectly formatted complex mathematical equations, and help with your grammar. While you might not have a need for all 30 modules that JetPack offers, once you’ve investigated the possibilities, it’s very likely that you’ll find many are valuable gems.

Many people find that the best solution for them is purchasing a package from the same company, which includes several useful plugins. The developers of Plugin Dynamo thought about this and made available just the right products for website owners. Their website subscription also allows you to stay updated with future developments, as well as give your input in whatever plugin you think you might need.

Another advantage of purchasing from Plugin Dynamos seems to be variety of solutions presented for a very reasonable price. You may choose too, if you want, to buy separate plugins, according to your specific needs. The most important, though, is the support provided by the company after the sale. They have qualified specialists that will help you with the the most difficult technical aspects of your website.


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